January 16, 2017 8:16 pm
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See The Sound presents “Pressure” an original series premiering on Feb 1st, 2017.
Rich and Chance are two Atlanta natives that have dreams of leaving the city behind and seeing the World. Their Dreams come true when Rich’s rap career takes off and he gets booked for an overseas tour. Chance get ready to leave for the tour, but gets sidetracked. Find out how on Feb. 1st at 7pm (est).

Starring Yung Joc, Cap 1, Brii Renee”, Yung Booke, James “Rilow” Riley Jr., Kiara Woods, George Cash and Sean Baker.

Directed by Howard Ross (HdotRoss)
Executive Producer Allen Parks

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Produced by We Hard Productions | See more of We Hard Productions work here



Category: Web Series