Snoop Dogg & Jooba Rc “Only Way Out”

December 18, 2016 7:08 pm
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For those unfamiliar with Jooba (pronounced “Jah-Ba” like the Hutt), he was part of The LBC Movement, a collaboration of Long Beach rappers who put out a project called Beach City last year. Impressed by his rapping and his grind, Snoop signed the 19-year-old to Doggystyle Records and rode alongside him on his impressive Only Way Out album, which dropped in May.

Now comes the movie directed by D. Baker, a sometimes funny, sometimes serious—but always hard-hitting—depiction of Jooba’s life coming up in the hood, from his days as a streetwise kid dreaming of making it big, to pulling off dangerous home invasions as a young adult. Various artists closely related to the Dogg House family are featured in key roles, including The Lady of Rage and Lil 1/2 Dead.

The film is a raw look at the life of a gangbanger who realizes that making music could turn his life around for the better—if only he stays focused.



Category: Short Films

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